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Huntsman is developing resins and adhesives as part of the Trans-IND project, which is dedicated to the industrialisation of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) components for transport infrastructure.

The European Commission-funded project’s consortium is composed 21 partners, including large constructors, machinery manufacturers, material providers, engineering societies and high-technology universities and research centres from nine European Union countries.

The primary objective of the Trans-IND project is to develop a flexible, cost-effective industrialisation system of FRP components for transport infrastructures through the complete integration of the whole construction process.

This system involves the development of a conceptual model and modular designs using FRP-based materials for all types of transport components, including off-site manufacturing, logistics and transport and on-site assembly, together with the ICT tools needed to manage the whole process.

FRP-based manufactured components for construction applications have the potential to achieve a high level of targeted performance, delivering a technically viable and economically feasible solution, while producing a favourable outcome in terms of sustainability, safety and quality of life.

Owing to the high levels of complexity in bridge components manufacturing and assembly, when compared with other applications, the first pilot case is focused on composite bridge components.

This initiative seeks to introduce a fresh approach to transform bridge components manufacturing from a supply-driven, resources-based sector into a sustainable, demand-driven one.

Concentrating on the efficiency of resources alongside performance- and knowledge-based criteria, the pilot also aims to ensure that cost-effective practices can be achieved in the process and lifecycle of bridge infrastructures.

Klaus Ritter, marketing manager in charge of transportation at Huntsman, said: ‘FRP-based materials have become the material of choice for many transport infrastructure applications, but further integration of the entire supply and value chain is required, as is the development of high technologies for designing and manufacturing FRP components, to transform on-site construction and off-site manufacturing.

‘Trans-IND is making a substantial contribution to the standardisation and development of new processes and technologies that will have a significant impact on components manufacturing and the transport manufacturing industry as a whole,’ added Ritter.

Huntsman has a lead role within this project to define, develop and supply the resin systems for the composite parts and the adhesives for parts assembly.

These materials will need to fulfil the stringent criteria set by the defined industrial processing conditions and targeted, structural performance requirements.

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