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Renshape SL 7820 is an advanced white photopolymer resin from Huntsman Advanced Materials that produces durable solid black models.

The low viscosity white resin requires no additional finishing or painting and offers savings in both time and money, particularly in sectors such as the automotive industry where black is colour of choice for most concept modelling.

The chemical reaction created when the Renshape SL 7820 resin is used on a solid state SLA platform produces solid black parts that require no additional painting.

The models produced have a good surface finish, can show fine detail and have an overall, tough ABS-like appearance.

With its high elongation and excellent high impact strength, Renshape SL7820 is suitable for building automotive parts, consumer goods packaging, electronics, housing and toys.

Huntsman also manufactures Araldite highly flexible composite, a fibre-reinforced composite material with outstanding flexibility, high transparency and brightness.

The mechanical characteristics of this Araldite highly flexible composite are similar to those of elastomers – excellent impact, abrasion and tear resistance – with good elongation and tensile strength.

Parts can be made quickly from a single shell mould that makes processing very simple.

The parts can be room cured for 24 hours or in an oven for one hour at 60C.

The material offers standard, well-established direct composite production processes such as wet-lay up and infusion.

Huntsman Advanced Materials has also developed a programmable paste rheology, which means that because the thixtrophy develops only in the mixing head, the unmixed components have a lower viscosity for fast, easy pumping.

This means that the user can select the paste rheology required for individual jobs from high-speed automated application to thick hand application.

Renpaste 4666 reduces the need for additional repairs or re-working of the model and the fine surface quality reduces any further finishing time.

It makes possible the cost-effective production of lightweight models, which if necessary, can be remodelled without incurring soaring costs.

The company said Renpaste 4666 exhibits outstanding dimensional stability and low shrinkage that guarantees precision for plugs and models.

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