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Huntsman offers a range of products for use in solar energy production, including solar panels that produce electricity and thermal panels that convert the power of the sun into heat.

The company is able to provide products that withstand high temperatures and optimise insulation for ‘smart buildings’.

Huntsman produces reflective coatings that minimise infrared absorption, urethane sandwich panels, insulation boards and blocks.

Other areas of growth in which Huntsman and its partners operate include solar heating, solar reflective and solar power.

Huntsman has worked in co-operation with industry partners to introduce a complete package of new materials and processing technologies that will enable actively temperature-controlled PV modules with increased efficiency.

The complete package includes: liquid system Araldite AY 4583/HY 4583, which enables an energy-saving encapsulation process at low temperatures and eliminates the critical lamination process with EVA; heat conductive, electrical insulating adhesives, enabling a new module design and construction with improved heat transfer and efficiency, together with excellent strength and bonding properties; flexible and thermal conductive adhesive to protect the flexibility of solar cells; highly reflective, white solder mask Probimer 77 White, which contributes to the increase of the efficiency of the PV module through higher and multiple reflection, increasing the ratio of sunlight reaching the cells.

By using these new technologies there is potential to increase the efficiency of PV modules by more than 50 per cent, according to the company.

In addition to this, processing is significantly simplified, costs are reduced and ageing stability is improved.

With its bonding and heat-resistance features, the package offers the ability to improve energy harvesting, reduce maintenance costs and significantly prolong the lifespan of the PV module.

It would allow the installation of PV plants in adverse southern climates and deserts and could be combined with solar fuel generators where electrical energy is used to convert CO2 into natural gas.

Another example of Huntsman’s work in the solar energy market is Araldite 2015, which has TUV design and type approval for PV modules.

Araldite 2015 allows a module design and construction with improved heat transfer and efficiency, together with strength and bonding properties.

The material’s high shear and peel strength, combined with its resistance to water, chemicals and UV, are not affected when used for improved energy-efficient solar panels in buildings.

Tests prove that bonding of the aluminium extruded profiles bonded onto the surface-treated polyvinyl fluoride back sheet of the solar module can withstand thermal cycling temperature cycles from -40 up to 85C without diminishing the strength of the bond.

This makes Araldite 2015 ideally suited to dissimilar materials.

Huntsman Advanced Materials

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