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Huntsman has announced its technical involvement in a project that showcases the possibilities of building a concept electric car – the ‘U-Box’ – using environmentally sustainable components.

The car will have its first showing in France at JEC Paris in March.

The U-Box incorporates differentiated materials, including renewable flax and basalt fibres for reinforcing composite parts in combination with new toughened resins, as well as halogen-free, fire-resistant resin.

Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) have also been integrated in the composite structure of the U-Box.

In addition to this, Huntsman equipped the vehicle with composite wheels and provided composite bonders offering high strength, flexibility and temperature resistance.

On its stand, Huntsman will also be showing Araldite MY 0816, a naphthalene diepoxy announced at JEC 2009, which will be complemented by additional new building blocks such as a fluorene diepoxy resin and a diaminodiphenyl sulfone based hardener.

The company is also adding to its range of Araldite benzoxazine thermoset resins with recently developed liquid, solvent-free products.

Targeting aerospace interior applications, a new low-viscosity RTM/infusion system was developed with excellent FST (fire-resistant, low-smoke and toxicity) properties.

For the production of wind blades and other large composite parts, Huntsman has developed two new resin systems.

The first of these resins provides very low viscosity, while the second, Araldite LY 1568/Aradur 3489, offers low build up of exothermal temperature during curing.

For this market, Huntsman has also introduced a new tough and crack-resistant adhesive system, Araldite AW 4856/Hardener HW 4856.

Huntsman will also be introducing new formulated systems for high-performance epoxy pre-preg and infusion systems for structural and tooling applications.

Other products on show include Renpaste 4688, a seamless modelling paste for quick pre-preg tool build-up on high-output automated equipment.

The polyurethanes division of Huntsman will introduce Vitrox composite resin – a new resin range that can be used in fast cycle, resin transfer moulding (RTM) for high-volume, automotive and mass transportation parts production.

Completing the line up at this year’s JEC show is a complete range of adhesives based on epoxy, methacrylate and polyurethane, as well as MS polymer-based chemistries containing an EP-based paste adhesive for bonding structural aerospace composites.

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