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Due to their advanced anti-corrosion coatings, the latest range of hybrid stepper motors from Astrosyn can operate in wet and corrosive environments, despite not being sealed.

A range of corrosion-proof coatings applied to every surface and component, both inside and outside, enables the motors to withstand prolonged contact, even with salty water.

Traditionally, motors intended for harsh environments are fitted with seals on their shafts and end caps.

However, temperature variations in particular mean that, sooner or later, these allow in moisture and contaminants that eventually lead to corrosion and failure.

Stepper motors are particularly susceptible to the effects of corrosion, owing to the extremely small air gaps between their rotors and stators.

The coatings and materials used in the new Astrosyn motors are tailored to each component.

For example, the permanent magnets, aluminium endbells and steel laminations are made from upgraded materials before being given an appropriate coating.

A further advantage of eliminating seals is that seals around the shaft introduce additional friction, which causes a significant reduction in torque.

Suitable applications for the motors include mobile-phone masts, marine antennas, food-processing equipment, chemical industries and the automotive sector.

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