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Solvents used in industrial processes are commonly filtered for re-use, but still contain small particles.

Many solvents are also non-lubricating.

Pumping these recycled liquids can trouble any type of pump prone to seal wear, with consequent high costs for pump repair and maintenance.

But experience has shown that recycled solvents can be pumped without fine filtration and without additional running costs often associated with gear pumps, piston pumps, vane pumps and other seal-reliant alternatives.

In Wanner Hydra-Cell pumps there are no dynamic seals.

Liquids are isolated from the drive end, and also pumped, by flexible hydraulically balanced diaphragms.

Seal-less design enables the pumps to handle clean or recycled liquids, chemical solutions, non-lubricating liquids and abrasive solids.

They are equally suited to low- or high-pressure systems, up to 70 bar or higher.

They can run dry without damage.

A German paint manufacturer initially installed piston pumps to handle recycled solvent in systems for cleaning mixing vessels.

High maintenance costs prompted the group to replace the original pumps with Hydra-Cell G25s.

Reliable low-maintenance performance over several years led the company to choose another Hydra-Cell model, the G35, for cleaning duty in a new plant, where higher flow was needed.

Similar experience on a tank-cleaning system was recorded by a UK manufacturer of printing inks, where seal leakage from a piston pump had become a serious problem.

The G35 installed as a replacement had no difficulty delivering recycled solvent to the spray head at the requisite 50 bar pressure.

No further leaks were reported.

Hydra-Cell pumps are also widely used on waste solvent systems, for example in cement manufacture where solvent as by-product from coal processing is fed to burner nozzles as fuel.

A cement plant in the Czech Republic was using vane pumps for this and wearing them out at the rate of two each year.

The solvent mix (mainly benzine) with two per cent solids (dirt and carbon particles) is now handled by a G35 – one of many Hydra-Cell pumps installed in cement plant burner systems across Europe.

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