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Hydrafeed’s Rota-Rack rotary part accumulator is used to prevent damage to Qualiturn’s products through dropping into collection bins, as it moves in sync with products on the turning centre.

Hydrafeed provided Qualiturn with two of its Rota-rack rotary part accumulators for preventing damage caused to products through falling into collection bins.

Qualiturn originally invested in production control software and a single Rota-Rack from the company because the surfaces of parts such as bearing and seal faces and flanges were being marked through dropping into collection bins. This resulted in a number of orders being returned.

The Rota-Rack prevents parts from falling into bins as it can be programmed to move in sync with the cycle time of the product on the turning centre.

Three years later, a second unit was installed to compliment Qualiturn’s Star sliding head turning centres and a Miyano ABX51 turning centre. It was requested with a scissor lift due to the differing heights of the Star and Miyano machines.

Key benefits of product application

  • Rota-Rack accommodates parts up to 254mm in length and 76mm in diameter, covering the majority of Qualiturn’s products.
  • The unit is suitable for environments with limited space.
  • Allows Qualiturn to produce batches unmanned.
  • The Rota-Rack has adjustable height and can be positioned to the left or right of a machine.
  • Single-phase power output allows the unit to be quickly placed anywhere in the facility.

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