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Hydramotion will exhibit its updated XL7 online process viscometer at Achema in Frankfurt, Germany, taking place from 11-15 May 2009.

Hydramotion will also display the VP250 and VP550 interface units, which connect to the company’s on-line viscometers, including the Reactavisc reaction vessel/pilot scale viscometer, the Viscojet compact viscometer, the Govisc laboratory automation viscometer, the Viscomelt extruder viscometer and the XL7.

A new version of Hydramotion’s Viscolite portable viscometer is scheduled to make its debut at the event.

None of Hydramotion’s viscometers feature moving parts, seals or bearings, as these can wear out.

The XL7 is suitable for any fluid in any process, including high temperature and/or high-pressure applications.

The Reactavisc is a research-grade device designed for use in reaction vessels of any capacity.

It is ideal for use in the laboratory or in pilot-scale production facilities.

The Govisc is a compact precision viscometer suitable for automated laboratory-scale applications where real-time viscosity measurement must be continually available, such as high-throughput analytical or quality-control systems.

The Viscomelt is a compact on-line polymer melt viscometer designed for direct installation on the extruder die head.

It removes the need to divert any part of the flow.

Powered by four AA batteries, the Viscolite viscometer is a versatile hand-held immersion sensor connected by a flexible coil-lead to its own dedicated readout unit.

The interface units have a clear, easy-to-read display with simple operation and user-friendly configuration software.

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