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Hydratight has relaunched its online service for calculating torque and tension figures for a huge range of bolted joints.

The Bolt-Up online service is the free version of Hydratight’s Informate software suite, which features Informate Professional, the advanced calculation package, and Informate Connect, Hydratight’s new addition to the joint integrity market.

Informate Connect is an online package that can be customised for each company or asset group.

This gives the option of a private, branded, standard operating tool for torque and tension calculations, covering hundreds of material and flange combinations.

Informate Connect becomes the repository for a company’s standard bolted joint specifications, procedures and technical documents.

The software can even be primed with in-house bolting standards or bolt loads, which are then available by secure log-on through an internet connection.

At the heart of the software is the Informate calculation engine.

Chris Tudor, technical development manager for Hydratight, said: ‘Extensive research and analysis has gone into preparing ‘leak free’ bolt loads for each flange standard.

‘We then had our process independently validated.

‘The correct load to maintain a flange leak-free in service needs to consider all of the factors on the joint.

‘Percentage bolt yield alone does not give the full picture – on certain flanges 50 per cent yield is too high and can give flange rotation or gasket crushing, on others it is too low and will not maintain a joint free of leakage throughout its service life.’ The latest version of Bolt Up provides recommended loads and residual stress calculations for ANSI, API, Norsok and JIS Flanges, Techlok and Grayloc clamp connectors, a large selection of bolt materials and lubricant types, and many flange materials and gasket types.

Bolt-Up provides tool pressures for all torque wrenches and tensioning tools, including subsea and topside Aquamax and Hydramax types, designed to provide the high bolt-loads and minimum tool footprint required for the popular compact flanges designed to the Norsok L005 standard.

Robert Noble, technical services leader for Hydratight, said: ‘Our calculations are derived from research and contribution to flange standards and approved codes such as ASME VIII or EN1591 with the added benefit of more than 30 years’ experience in a range of industries.’ The Bolt-Up site also gives easy access to all Hydratight’s product and service brochures and technical information, standard templates, data sheets and enquiry forms.

Informate Connect is part of Hydratight’s total-management Joint Data Management System (JDMS) software, which allows technicians to record every detail of every procedure carried out on critical joints throughout their working life, giving full traceability of all data.

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