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Hydro International is to showcase its range of wastewater solutions, including the Hydro Sludgescreen, at IWEX 2009 at the Birmingham NEC.

The Hydro Sludgescreen is a compact and versatile sludge-screening system.

Hydro’s Dynasand – a continuous sand filter system – will also be on display.

This system removes suspended solids and phosphates, converts ammonia and denitrifies wastewater.

This technology has also been used extensively for drinking-water treatment.

IWEX visitors will also be introduced to the Zickert low-profile sludge-tank scraper system, and the Grit King separator and cleaning process for water and wastewater treatment plant protection, Lamella Clarifier and Hydro’s range of combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen technologies.

All of Hydro’s high-efficiency wastewater treatment solutions for water treatment by the utilities or by industry are designed for minimum power use, low maintenance and renewables and a long working life to reduce cost of ownership.

Hydro International

Hydro International is a market-leading provider of products and solutions to control the quantity and improve the quality of water with minimal maintenance.

Hydro’s business operations are based in the UK, US and Ireland and its products are also used across the globe. Hydro products have won international awards for outstanding contributions and technical innovation in the water industry.

Hydro Stormwater

Hydro International’s Stormwater Division delivers sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for water management with minimal land-take. All Stormwater products have no moving parts, no power requirements, a small footprint and low maintenance requirements.

Hydro Wastewater

Hydro International’s Wastewater Division provides products and designs solutions for the effective treatment of effluent and potable water. It is also a trusted partner for spares, service and maintenance agreements to water asset managers.

Hydro’s treatment systems cover an extensive range of water and wastewater management solutions including grit removal, sludge scraper systems, primary and washwater clarification, aeration, sand filtration, sludge screening and transportation and Combined Sewer Overflows.

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