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H2gogo has launched its on-board and on-demand hydrogen generator, which can be retrofitted to any petrol or diesel engine.

This includes cars, transit vans, trucks, buses, HGVs, boats, generators, plant machinery, aircraft and trains.

The generator is proven to reduce emissions and overall carbon footprint, increase engine efficiency and power output, and offer the potential for improved fuel economy and cost savings.

The HRN3 unit from H2gogo runs on distilled water, which produces hydrogen on throttle/engine demand, eliminating the need for fuel-storage tanks other than a small distilled-water tank.

It works by injecting hydrogen into the engine’s air-induction tract at the air filter end, which then follows the standard route to the engine via intercooler and turbo.

The cycle results in the engine burning all of the fuel in the cylinder and cylinder head combustion chamber, reducing unwanted emissions, improving power and potentially increasing fuel efficiency.

The HRN3 hydrogen generator produces up to a 40 per cent reduction in CO, HC, PM (particulate matter), NOx and CO2 emissions, resulting in exhausts that are visibly cleaner.

In addition to vehicle and static engines, such as plant machinery, cranes and industrial generators, the H2gogo HRN3 Marine is designed for water-faring engines.

The technology is available for petrol and diesel engines, and enables potential greater fuel efficiency – reducing a company’s energy costs and its overall carbon footprint.

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