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H2gogo has revealed that Heathrow airport has installed HRN3 hydrogen generator units to extend the lifespan of its airside vehicles and produce fewer emissions.

The airport has long been focused on reducing airside vehicle emissions to meet internal and government targets for cleaner air.

Its airside team investigated a number of technologies to help it achieve these objectives.

The HRN3 hydrogen generator unit from H2gogo can be retrofitted on any vehicle (or static machine) with a diesel or petrol engine.

The unit is said to ensure a cleaner burn of the fuel, resulting in lower carbon and other emissions, increased power output and the potential for additional fuel and cost savings.

A Mercedes 2009 stop/start dust cart from Heathrow’s airside vehicle fleet was selected for the trial.

With a 24V HRN3 unit fitted to its diesel engine, the vehicle undertook normal duties in airside rubbish collection and loading over a six-week period.

The trial readings have proven a reduction of up to 40 per cent in CO2, particulates, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons, exceeding the levels of emission reduction Heathrow required to achieve compliance with company, industry and government targets.

HRN3 hydrogen generators are scalable.

Both 12V and 24V systems are available for varying engine requirements, ensuring the units can be used to reduce emissions on medium- and large-scale vehicles as well as machinery and generators.

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