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Hydroscrew provides bulk materials-handling solutions to many industrial users throughout the UK and Europe.

The range includes screw conveyors – both tubular and trough types – screw feeders, bulk bag filling and discharging equipment, truck-loading bellows, valves, bucket elevators, sewage and waste equipment, silo safety equipment and a range of related products, from massive dust conditioners to the tiny micro-batch feeder range.

It also offers replacement auger screws and screw flights to end users and OEMs.

The company has recently implemented a partial change in direction with the introduction of a range of hydrodynamic screws.

This equipment is basically a large-diameter ‘Archimedes’ screw that runs in reverse.

When fed with a sufficient head of water, it turns an electrical generator.

The power can be utilised by the operator and even sold to back to the utility companies who offer quite generous ‘feed-in tariffs’.


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