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Sapcote Engineering (SEL) will manufacture a Faraday-designed hygienic, quick-change depositor that could transform the way food companies operate.

This was a result of the two companies signing an exclusive production deal.

This depositor design is based on a ‘milking principle’, in which only the interchangeable hopper and tube come into contact with the food product.

Current depositors on the market tend to use a rotary valve and piston system to deposit a range of food products.

This requires a complete strip-down between production runs, which makes changeovers lengthy and complex and slows down production time.

By installing a hygienic depositor, food companies have a fantastic opportunity to enhance their business operations.

The Faraday’s design improves efficiency by reducing changeovers, and reduces costs by minimising and simplifying the cleaning process, which also improves hygiene.

The hygienic depositor currently comes with a performance guarantee.

Food Processing Faraday Partnership

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