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A processor of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads has installed a turnkey Seepex system for the hygienic and cost-effective transfer of vegetable waste.

Before Seepex installed the system there were two methods of moving the waste from the factory.

Line one consisted of a wide throat progressive cavity pump which had a slow speed twin shafted grinder fitted over the wide throat of the pump.

Problems were soon encountered due to the leafy product ‘bridging’ above the cutters of the grinder; this resulted in significant operational problems, which included the pump dry running as well as associated costs with production waste backing up within the factory.

Line two consisted of a screw compactor and conveyor, and was also used to remove leaf.

The line had a larger capacity but had been identified as a hygiene risk by the company due to the difficulties experienced in cleaning it.

Starting with a blank canvas the Seepex project team analysed the waste removal operation and put together a turn-key package for the customer.

This package involved design, supply, installation and commissioning of a full waste transfer and dewatering system.

The system comprises two Seepex BTM pumps which have integral knives within the compression zone.

In order to protect the knives and the stator from stone damage a specially designed hopper and auger feed screw were proposed.

This design allows ‘heavy materials’ (stones) to drop into the integral stone trap while allowing leaves and vegetable waste to be carried by the auger screw into the pump.

Both pumps feed a single outlet and the macerated leaf is then pumped through a dewatering device before being discharged to the skip.

The compacted dewatered leaf is sent to make compost and the liquid from dewatering is discharged to drain.

As a result, waste transport costs have been reduced by water removal and the compaction of the dewatered material that is sent for composting.

In addition spares costs have been reduced due to stator protection from damage and hygiene has been improved by the system.

The operational problems associated with the previous system have all been resolved by installation of the Seepex turnkey package.

seepex is a leading global supplier of products and services for conveying and controlling liquids
The first seepex progressive cavity pump was manufactured in 1972 in Bottrop, Germany.  Today 330 of our 550 world wide employees work here on the development, manufacture an distribution of progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems to suit our customers current and future needs.
For over 30 years we have been helping environmental engineers, food and beverage companies, the chemical and paper industries, oil and gas production and industries ranging from agriculture to zoological parks by providing them with the optimal technical and economical solutions for their conveying problems.
We have created this foundation through competent application expertise in the form of consultation, development, project management and delivery.  Our product and industry specialists develop tailor-made solutions for the most diverse applications.  Using our modular pump system we can design a pump specifically for each application.  This ensures lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, increased operational safety, better utilisation of capacity and higher productivity and profits for our clients.
seepex offers you these products and services – through a worldwide sales and service network.

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