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Open Mind Technologies has introduced Hypermill 2013.2 advanced CAM software, which, according to the company, has undergone significant improvements, primarily in its CAD component HyperCAD-S.

HyperCAD-S is specifically designed to address the requirements of NC programmers. It is ideally matched to the Hypermill CAM system.

Improvements to HyperCAD-S in v2013.2 include enhanced interfaces for tool- and mould-making operations.

Key product improvements


  • Tool and mould making, in particular, is always associated with geometries from a variety of sources. To import these reliably, HyperCAD-S comes with a series of first-rate interfaces. They have now been enhanced for the import of 2D entities, 3D meshes and dimensions as vector graphics by adding a DXF/DWG interface. This allows for layers, colours, line types and workplanes to be imported, provided they were defined in the origin system. If the parts are stored in HyperCAD-S, they can be analysed thoroughly. Extensive functions are available to do this as well.
  • A new feature is the recognition of double entities. Regardless of whether this involves curves or faces, also within solids, as soon as they occur twice, they will be recognised and displayed. First, the component is displayed as transparent; the double parts found are then highlighted in the selection colour. This provides a quick overview.
  • There is also the option to reverse a current selection. Through the inversion, the user can quickly isolate certain entities by, for example, selecting, inverting and rendering invisible other surrounding entities. What remains are the entities of interest.
  • The analysis phase features the ‘Info Two entities’ command. When applied, the maximum distance between two entities selected is now also shown.
  • There is also a new data format for HyperCAD-S — Hypermill CAD Template (.hmct). This allows users to create, save and re-use templates.

Hypermill 2013.2

  • CAM users must be able to make constructive changes to imported parts to some degree so as to prepare them optimally for NC machining. This often also includes the filleting of faces. Using Hypermill 2013.2, it is now possible to generate constant fillet faces between two faces or tangential chains that are trimmed and extended automatically.
  • Advanced edge curve recognition has also been added. This is a fully integrated function that substantially facilitates the user’s work. The new command creates the topology of the faces, ‘sews’ them together and generates a clean edge boundary.
  • The command ‘Integration of texts’ is used to generate text along CAD entities such as lines, arcs and sectors. The text then appears on the part as engraving.
  • In order to access commands quickly at all times, there is now a list of the most recently used commands, which can be clicked on quickly from the workplane. The list comprises 10 commands by default, but can be extended in any manner needed. It is the user who decides what is useful.

Open Mind Technologies

OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a leading developer of CAD/CAM software and postprocessors for designing and manufacturing complex moulds and parts. OPEN MIND offers an extensive range of products, from 2D feature-oriented solutions for milling standard parts through to software for 5axis simultaneous machining. With their hyperMILL software, which is used in the automotive, tool and mould manufacturing, mechanical engineering and aerospace industries, OPEN MIND Technologies AG is represented in all the important markets in Asia, Europe and North America.  

OPEN MIND’s solutions feature a user-friendly interface and the largest range of 2D, 3D and 5axis modules available to users. In addition, the company delivers a fully integrated product concept encompassing CAD solutions, plug-ins, interfaces and postprocessors that cover the entire manufacturing process from design to manufacture. We take our innovative ideas, long-time CAD experience and milling expertise and create technologically sound CAM strategies. OPEN MIND has made a name for itself internationally as a pioneer in innovative 5axis technologies. What makes OPEN MIND and its products special is the unique blend of computing and production expertise, experience and vision, and international character and individual service. This combination of qualities results in a constant stream of new ideas that help companies optimise their production processes.  

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