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Logstor, a European manufacturer of pre-insulated pipes, has improved the working environment for its factory operatives using a noise reduction system from IAC Nordic.

Committed to a stringent corporate environmental policy, Logstor decided this year to create a safer and more pleasant working environment on their shop floor.

Their overall aim was to reduce general noise levels as well as reduce noise locally at a number of specific workstations.

IAC Nordic designed and installed a range of noise reduction systems.

These included fixed interior absorbent barriers, sound-absorptive wall panels, movable noise barriers, automatic opening enclosures and fixed enclosures.

Helle Thomsen, Jutland sales manager said: ‘We have obtained general noise reduction in the order of between 8 and 10dB in many working areas around the factory.

‘Quite a number of workers no longer need to wear hearing protection.’ Torben Fruehoej, Logstor’s health and safety manager, said: ‘IAC Nordic attended our early meetings with our health and safety consultant and so were able to develop a noise control solution wholly in line with Danish legislation.’ IAC Nordic is now preparing to deliver similar systems at other Logstor factories in neighbouring countries.

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