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IAS Analog current sensor module - .PDF file.

Isabellenhuette has unveiled its precision current sensor with analogue voltage output, suitable for automotive applications, energy management systems and general current-sensing applications.

The IAS sensor does not require a digital interface or digital converter.

The choice of used shunts ranges from 0.1 to 1mohm, meaning the measurement area and the dynamic range can be set for up to 100dB; with a 500uohm, for example, pulse current of 800A can be measured for 100ms at a resolution of more than 20mA.

The IAS is an alternative to magnetic converters and has advantages such as shunt-based measurement with long-term stability of more than 0.5 per cent.

It offers good linearity coupled with high dynamic response and compact dimensions to the point, according to Isabellenhuette.

The IAS is also a suitable alternative to DIN shunts.

Here, the main benefits lie in the lower losses coupled with greater resolution caused by the use of low-resistance shunts.

The sensor also offers high-side measurement, meaning no separate supply voltage is needed.

The typical offset for unidirectional operation is less than 3uV.

The operating temperature range can be adjusted within a range of -40 to +125C, depending on the application.

The use of a controller enables customers to read out or process the 0-5V output signals.

Isabellenhuette Heusler

Isabellenhuette Heusler GmbH and Co KG has its roots in more than 500 years of smelting and metal processing.

The company was first documented in 1482 then in 1827 it was transferred to the Heusler family and today it is one of the globally leading producers of low impedance high precision and performance resistors.

In 1987, Isabellenhuette Heusler was the first business in the world to produce SMD mOhm current sensing resistors. Other business areas include producing thermoelectric and resistance alloys and measuring technology products.

Employees at the office and production site in Dillenburg (Hesse) number approximately 500.

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