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Colorplas has installed equipment from Filling Solutions to provide almost continuous filling of base resin from road tankers into intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

This has allowed Colorplas to avoid the cost of installing expensive fire-proof bulk storage tanks.

Many companies purchase chemicals in one-tonne IBCs to avoid the cost of installing large and expensive bulk storage tanks.

These tanks often need fire-proofing, lagging, trace heating as well as large bund walls – depending upon the nature of the chemical.

Consequently suppliers charge a premium for the chemical.

Now Colorplas enjoy bulk purchase prices without having had to install a large bulk storage tank.

Colorplas, based in Rochdale, UK, are manufacturers of pigment dispersions and gelcoat products for the construction, automotive and marine industries.

Nick Parkinson, production director of Colorplas, said: ‘We looked into the feasibility of installing a 30-tonne bulk storage tank but the cost was excessive.

‘After talking with Filling Solutions we realised we could install its low-cost special filling equipment, allowing us to fill almost continuously from a road tanker and with maximum protection from spillage.

‘We now have a very safe process.We fill one IBC and in a matter of a few seconds switch off the filler, transfer the drip-proof filling head into a second IBC stationed 2m away, restart the pump and fill the second IBC.

‘The filled one is fork lifted away and an empty IBC positioned in place during the filling of the second one.

‘The process continues until all 20 tonnes of base resin is emptied from the road tanker,’ he added.

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