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Dragonwave, a supplier of packet microwave radio systems for mobile and access networks, has announced that IBW has deployed the Horizon Compact.

The system is designed to to provide robust and reliable native Ethernet backhaul for IBW’s business services in Costa Rica.

IBW plans to leverage the Dragonwave solution for dependable last-mile customer access as it introduces higher-speed services across the country.

In this first phase of a nationwide rollout, IBW is offering Ethernet access services of up to 2Mbps to business customers in San Jose.

The Horizon Compact provides backhaul connectivity across a point-to-point network, yielding maximum throughput for the wireless spectrum that has been allocated to IBW.

IBW plans to introduce microwave-based services reaching 100Mbps, The Horizon Compact operates in bands from 6 to 38GHz and is capable of delivering scalable backhaul capacity from 10 to 800Mbps.


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