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Seiko Instruments has released the S-5843A Series temperature switch IC, which is suitable for various applications, including fan control, air-conditioning systems, mobile phones and games consoles.

The temperature switch IC detects temperature with a temperature accuracy of +/-2.5C.

The output inverts when temperature reaches the detection temperature.

This IC restores the output voltage when the temperature drops to the level of the release temperature.

The S-5843A Series operates at a low power supply voltage of 1.65V and its current consumption is 4.5mA typical owing to CMOS configuration.

A temperature sensor with the negative temperature coefficient, a reference voltage generation circuit, a comparator and a delay circuit are all integrated on one chip and enclosed into the SNT-6A and SOT-23-5 packages.

Features of the lead-free device include: a detection temperature of +40C to +120C (+1C step) and a detection accuracy of +/-2.5C; low-voltage operation (VDD [min] = 1.65V); low-current consumption of 4.5mA typical (Ta = +25C); hysteresis temperature selectable in 2C, 4C, 10C or 20C; selectable output logic in active ‘H’ or ‘L’; selectable output form in CMOS or Nch open drain; prevent functions for false detection operation and false release operation; and small SNT-6A or SOT-23-5 packages.

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