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IC Nexus has announced the NXC2620 HDVK10 handheld development kit.

The kit is described as flexible, high performance and inexpensive and has been designed for handheld applications such as remote control, home automation and portable data collection.

The major HDVK10 hardware comprises an NXC262032-bit RISC CPU, a Wi-Fi module, a Zigbee or RF4CE module, an Irda remote control function and a 2.4in TFT LCD display.

Each HDVK is pre-installed with Windows CE5.0 OS and sample application software for instant evaluation.

The full set of Windows CE5.0 BSP is also provided at no extra charge to customers for application development.

IC Nexus also provides customisation services to customers who use HDVK to develop products to speed product time-to-market.

These services mainly include hardware redesign, housing design and so on.

One application example of HDVK10 is remote control devices with Zigbee/RF4CE or Irda functions used as an energy meter or consumer electronics control.

Another example is a mobile computer or handheld POS terminal with Zigbee/RF4CE or Wi-Fi functions, used as data collection or inventory control.

NXC2620 is a high-performance application processor, ultra-low power consumption with a 32-bit RISC core at 380MHz.

It is designed for embedded handheld devices adding embedded Ethernet MAC, smart card interface, and PS/2 interface for enhanced stationary applications, such as industrial control, automation, data acquisition and car telemetric.

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