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Pacer is offering the TSL2771 series of devices from TAOS, which provide both ambient light sensing and proximity detection (when coupled with an external infrared LED) in a single IC.

The TSL2771 ambient light sensor approximates the human eye response to light intensity under a variety of lighting conditions, and through a variety of attenuation materials.

The proximity detection feature allows a large dynamic range of operation for use in short distance detection behind dark glass (for example, a mobile phone) or for longer-distance measurements (for example, presence detection for monitors, laptops or panels).

The programmable proximity detection enables continuous measurements across the entire range.

The device can be put into a low power mode in between ambient light sensing and proximity measurements, providing low average power consumption.

Features include programmable analogue gain, programmable integration time and programmable interrupt function with upper and lower threshold.

The device offers resolution up to 16-bits and high sensitivity.

It also offers a dynamic range of up to 1,000,000:1.

Proximity detection is the ability of a system to sense objects within a specified distance.

It can be utilised to determine when an object is approaching the system, or when the system is approaching an object.

Infrared is not visible to humans and is therefore a suitable choice for proximity detection.

The infrared LED emits light towards an object, and if a target object is present, infrared light will be reflected towards the sensor.

The sensor gathers the energy and determines if the amount received is sufficient to declare a ‘proximity event’.

The specified range that determines a proximity event varies depending upon the application.


Pacer International is a specialist supplier of optoelectronic components, laser solutions, photonic instruments and information displays.

Pacer International is a specialist supplier of optoelectronic components, laser solutions, photonic instruments and information displays.

We offer a wide range of LEDs, LED arrays and light engines, photo and colour sensors and detectors (covering infrared, visible and ultraviolet), fibre illuminators, laser components and systems, low level light detection, optics and acousto optics, collimators, spectrometers, telecom products, fibre optics and cameras. Our information displays portfolio includes monochrome LCD, TFT, EL and OLED panels, kits, chassis monitor solutions, networkable and standalone digital signage, weatherproof LCDs, sunlight readable displays, and professional CCTV and surveillance products including cameras, DVRs and LCD pro-monitors. Specialist technical and application support is offered on our entire product range.

At Pacer we specialise in finding solutions for both standard and non-standard requirements. We can provide cost-effective commodity devices, customised displays or opto assemblies or full sub-assembly design via the dedicated Pacer Design Centre. Our in-house electronic, optical and mechanical design resource means that we can take on the complete design and build of your product. Pacer has years of experience designing optoelectronic assemblies for applications including industrial and medical systems.

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