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Mentor Graphics has assisted Camsemi in replacing its integrated circuit (IC) design-and-verification flow with Mentor tools, to improve simulation performance and time to market.

Cambridge-based Camsemi develops and supplies power-management ICs for more energy-efficient, low-cost power supplies and lighting.

Working with Mentor Graphics enabled Camsemi to replace a design-and-verification flow from a major supplier with the Mentor Custom IC design-and-verification platform, while keeping its design project on schedule.

Adoption of the Mentor tool flow came at a critical time for Camsemi, as they were approaching the final stages of a design and verification project.

Moving from a legacy design-and-verification environment to the Mentor tool flow was accomplished by addressing every aspect of the transition.

The Mentor consulting organisation worked onsite with the Camsemi design team to ensure that vital knowledge exchange and training was immediate and customised.

The Mentor technical team in the deep submicron division delivered the IC Station tool suite; the Questa ADMS mixed-signal simulation platform; and the Eldo Classic Spice simulator, which allowed Camsemi to switch out the old tools without losing any functionality or compromising its design data.

Mentor achieved a 2x increase in simulation throughput for Camsemi.

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