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ICEE has worked with Brompton Dock on the installation of the company’s folding bike hire scheme, which features the iconic Brompton folding bike. The ICEE team provided multiple services at a variety of locations across the UK, including railway stations, universities, hospitals, car parks and more.

ICEE was able to adapt skills and demonstrate flexibility from its experience working with clients in the highways and broadcast and telecommunications industries.

The company’s experience also allowed it to allow for site-specific working conditions.

Mark Antwis, managing director of Brompton Docks, described ICEE as attentive, value for money, good on detail and very dependable.

Services provided

  • Site survey
  • Collection of dock and delivery to site
  • Dock installation, test and commissioning — 10-bay, 20-bay and 40-bay docks
  • Installation of wall banners and lamp post banners
  • Maintenance including technical checks, battery changes, solar panel cleaning, recording of readings, and provision of reports
  • Sign design, manufacture and installation
  • Documentation, project management and project support

ICEE is highly experienced in designing and building bespoke outdoor metal enclosures for many different industries. 

Our enclosures are secure, vandal-proof and long-life housings with climate control and are specifically designed for telecommunications and ancillary equipment but can be adapted to suit many different industries. 

The enclosures can incorporate:

  • Climate control
  • Full battery backup
  • Range of anti-vandal alarms
  • Grand master locking option
  • Three-point locking mechanism, including a remotely activated option
  • Renewable energy sources — solar panels, wind turbines and fuel cells

We can manufacture from one-off or prototypes to large-quantity batch work. 

ICEE offers an array of services in addition to the design and build of bespoke equipment enclosures. Such services include: 

  • Internal wiring of data and power cables
  • Third-party equipment installation
  • Functionality testing
  • System test house proving
  • Delivery of completed cabinets to site
  • Installation and commissioning of solution on site
  • Waterjet cutting, fibre laser cutting and full sheet-metal fabrications including cutting, folding and welding

Waterjet profile cutting

The capability to cut intricate shapes utilising cold cutting techniques that are without thermal influences, heat distortion, edge hardening or heat-affected zones of virtually any material. Our waterjet is capable of cutting 4,000 x 2,000 x 200mm thicknesses. 

Profile cutting using fibre laser technology

Laser cutting is considered to be one the most accurate methods of cutting thick and thin metals. Our fibre laser has a cutting area of 3,000 x 1,500m and is capable of cutting profiles from:

  • Mild steel — up to 12mm
  • Stainless steel — up to 6mm
  • Aluminium — up to 8mm
  • Brass — up to 4mm
  • Copper — up to 3mm

The benefits of fibre laser over conventional CO2 lasers include reduced cutting times, wider material range and less heat used.

Sheet-metal fabrications

ICEE has the capability of applying its knowledge of fabricating enclosures to a wide range of sheet-metal fabrication projects. We have a 4mm brake press for larger requirements (we use this in the manufacturing of our enclosures) and a smaller brake press.

All of our services can be applied to various industries including:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Rail
  • Highways

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