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The Peak Group is offering the I2 Micro Icon connector from Virginia Panel to provide a mass interconnect solution for automatic test systems including equipment based on PXI cards.

With up to 168 signal contacts in a slimline configuration, the connector incorporates capabilities for discrete wiring, horizontal and right-angle PCB mounting.

It features a 30deg cable exit for vertical stackability, along with a 0.8in-wide footprint for horizontal stackability.

The engaging mechanism integrates spring locking tabs that fasten over the latching post for secure engagement.

Keying pins and a square locking mechanism ensure even and precise engagement.

The 30deg angled cable exit reduces the height required by the connector, allowing more space in front of the rack for instrumentation and minimising the vertical space between connectors in a multi-connector panel layout.

An 84-pin header allows the I2 to connect directly to a PXI card.

The header contains solder-less compliant (‘eye of the needle’) pins for ease of use and implementation.

Using VPC’s Quadrapaddle signal contact technology, standard and twin female contacts provide consistent and even connections.

A number of different PCB connection options are available, including I2 direct to PCB, I2 to flexprint, I2 to PCB adaptor card and I2 discrete wired.

In addition to marketing the VPC range of mass interconnect solutions in the UK, the Peak Group supplies complete test systems using the VPC interfaces along with National Instruments PXI modular test units integrated with Peak’s own customised hardware and software.

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