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Particle counting technology from Parker Hannifin is being used by a laboratory services provider to test engine oil, hydraulic oil and kerosene samples on site.

The Parker IcountBS (bottle sampler) is enabling Petrolab to improve its quality of service and cut costs, by eliminating the need to send samples away to be analysed.

Petrolab, based in Balikpapan, Indonesia, provides laboratory testing services and consultancy to clients in the mining and refinery industries, among others.

The information provided by Petrolab plays a vital role in its clients’ preventative maintenance strategies, making them aware of the contamination levels present in their industrial fluids and alerting them to problems before equipment performance is affected or failures occur.

Before using Parker’s particle counting technology the Petrolab laboratory had to send samples away to be tested for contamination.

This reliance on external suppliers was time consuming, costly and resulted in a lack of control over Petrolab’s processes.

To solve these issues, the company approached Parker for a solution that would allow it to analyse samples on site.

Parker suggested Petrolab try its IcountBS bottle sampler, which incorporates on-board laser-based technology developed from in-the-field systems.

The IcountBS would allow Petrolab to analyse 10ml and larger sample bottles in 15 seconds.

With repeatable and reproducible results in line with international standards, Petrolab could also be sure of the accuracy of its on-site testing.

Parker visited the Petrolab laboratory to demonstrate how to use the IcountBS.

The laboratory technicians were quickly using the portable system’s touch-screen control panel with ease, and printing results using the internal thermal printer.

The company purchased the IcountBS and is now using it to test samples on a daily basis.

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