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The direct digital synthesis (DDS) ICs target industrial and communications applications, including sensory excitation, impedance spectroscopy and battery-enabled diagnostic/communication equipment.

The ICs are claimed to offer 30 per cent lower power consumption and a 60 per cent reduction in footprint than competing devices while operating over the extended temperature range of 40 to 125C.

The AD9838 DDS and AD9837 DDS ICs consume as little as 11mW when operating from clock rates up to 16MHz.

The AD9838 DDS and AD9837 DDS ICs settle in nanoseconds with granularity well below 100MHz.

Along with an on-chip, 10-bit, low-power DAC (digital-to-analogue converter), the products offer 28-bit fine-tuning granularity and high SFDR (spurious-free dynamic range) performance that enable them to more quickly and accurately generate a stable signal in the band of interest.

The small package size of the AD9838 DDS (4 x 4mm) and AD9837 (3 x 3mm) DDS ICs allows developers to reduce the footprint of their designs or increase sensor-node density to enable the development of feature-rich applications within the same form factor.

Low-power performance enables engineers to generate high-performance sine, square and triangular outputs to meet the low-power consumption targets of battery-operated equipment or include advanced features within existing power budgets.

Integration of various communication and modulation features enables the devices to support single-tone, 2FSK, 2PSK, QPSK, sweep capability and amplitude modulation, simplifying the design of communication systems and reducing development risk and cost.

High spectral performance (greater than 68dB wideband SFDR) enables product developers to keep pace with evolving needs in instrumentation and communication equipment.

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