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Product-design agency Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) has completed a project for Venner to develop a laryngoscope, to be used during anaesthesia to introduce an endotracheal tube.

The device is the first of its kind to offer both standard, Mac3 and Mac4, as well as the Difficult Airway Blades (DAB).

The DAB offers manoeuvrability, clear viewing and exact positioning of the endotracheal tube through the vocal chords in cases where the anatomy would otherwise make intubation difficult.

IDC was tasked to work alongside Venner clinicians through all the design phases, from concept through to production, including electronics, compliance and testing.

According to IDC, the Venner AP Advance Video Laryngoscope considerably eases tracheal intubation during general anaesthesia or CPR, while reducing patient trauma, even in the most critical cases.

As a result of extensive user research and testing, the product works both with live video and as a traditional laryngoscope without the video display.

Medical-grade elastomer grips wrap around a stainless-steel chassis, forming a sophisticated and comfortable handle.

A removable camera facilitates easy cleaning and a range of single-use polycarbonate blades eliminate contamination.

IDC’s design team spent considerable time observing and researching the different types of laryngoscopes in use.

This research identified a gap in capabilities of instruments, whereby some laryngoscopes were good for viewing the vocal chords and some good at positioning the tracheal tube, but none were capable of achieving both of these proficiently at the same time.

Venner realised the potential to bridge the gap between these capabilities.

Further research and feedback from the clinicians indicated that the handle design of existing laryngoscopes was unnecessarily bulky, leading to manoeuvrability issues that occasionally resulted in dental damage.

IDC used this research as a basis for the new laryngoscope and carried out extensive testing during development before selecting the final design.

Venner was keen to have a laryngoscope with the latest technological advancements on board and IDC therefore integrated a miniature video camera and a display into the design.

The resulting system enables an anaesthetist to view the larynx on the viewer display in the same position as the actual anatomy, preserving the user’s natural hand-to-eye co-ordination while manipulating either the tracheal tube or the device itself.

The display can also be output to a large screen and images and video can be captured to support training exercises.

This new laryngoscope is also able to use standard and difficult airway intubation blades.

It uses single-use, anti-fog, disposable blades, meaning it can be used in several different scenarios, including patients who present challenging airways or in emergencies.

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