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Ideal Industries has introduced the Heatseeker thermal imager for the predictive maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems.

The hand-held Heatseeker was designed to meet the stringent standards for performance set by professional electricians, engineers and building inspectors.

‘We engineered the Heatseeker to ensure a precise, highly functional diagnostic tool that was simple to use for detection and post analysis,’ said Tony Kumeta, general European manager of Ideal Industries (UK).

The Heatseeker incorporates an auto hot/cold tracker, a technology that automatically pinpoints the hottest and coldest temperatures within a single screen by highlighting both with dual cursors.

Just a quick scan of the auto hot/cold tracker immediately identifies current or potential problems, such as overloaded circuits, inefficient heat transfer, moisture leakage, or fluid distribution for a stuck valve.

Heatseeker captures a ‘real’ digital photo of the subject that is then blended with a full infrared picture to provide added detail to the image under review.

Depending on the complexity of the image, the technician can choose to blend the digital photo with 25 per cent , 50 per cent or 75 per cent infrared to better identify suspected components.

The digital image and the thermal can also be shown simultaneously in the display.

Operating the Heatseeker does not require specialist training.

Once an image is captured, technicians can move toggles to navigate the tracking cursors across the LCD screen to measure surface temperature variations ranging from -10C to +350C.

A full 1,849 temperature measurements can be viewed live on the LCD, with an accuracy of +/-2C or +/-2 per cent of reading in C, whichever is the greater.

Images can be saved to evaluate all temperature points, as well as marked with text and live voice recordings.

Thermalvision software is provided to view, edit or analyse images on a PC, as well as to generate detailed inspection reports.

Other features of the Heatseeker are a Class II laser, a built-in LED illuminator for use in poorly lit areas, a removable handle, and adjustable emissivity to improve accuracy.

The Ideal Heatseeker thermal imager is available from March and includes: USB cable, camera handle, carrying case, power supply, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, and Thermalvision software.

An optional car charger accessory is also available.

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