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The Elgoibar technology Ideko-IK4 has developed and manufactured a micro-milling machine.

This machine, together with another three prototypes (laser micro-machining, wire-EDM – able to work with fine wires of up to 50 micron thick, and die-sink EDM) and several demonstration models have been the main players of the European Launch-Micro project.

The project falls within the line of research ‘Micro- technologies and ultra-precision’ at the technological centre dedicated to the development of machines, systems and manufacturing processes for parts with sub-micrometric dimensions and tolerances.

Led by Ideko-IK4 and grouping together a consortium of 28 companies, among which are Soraluce and Ona Electroerosion, and technology centres in Spain, Germany, Holland, Austria, Poland and the UK, the project lasted 51 months and has had a budget of EUR9m co-financed by the European Union.

The practical applications of these developments are focused mainly in the field of medicine (dentistry, orthopaedics, optics and so on), moulds, aerospace, automotive, and renewable energy.

The prototype may be seen at the Ideko-IK4 booth during the forthcoming Biemh, the Machine Tools Biennial to be held in Bilbao from 31 May to 5 June.

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