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Polypipe Civils has invested in two Identipol QA units from Triton Technology to strengthen its existing quality control processes.

The Identipol QA, a device for the simple and cost-effective quality assurance testing of thermoplastics, will be used by Polypipe Civils to control its use of raw materials and ensure the quality of recycled material used in its manufacturing process is fit for purpose.

During an approximately 20-minute process conducted at the goods-in stage at two Polypipe facilities, the simple-to-use Identipol QA units benchmark incoming recycled material and allocate it a Quality Index Score to indicate how the material performs against a dataset of prime polymer.

This simple scale allows Polypipe Civils to rapidly measure the quality of each batch of recycled material prior to its use in the manufacture of products, thereby helping avoid costly machinery downtimes or potential production issues.

Although adoption of the Identipol QA for quality assurance purposes can apply to any production process where polymers are used, Triton sees the fast-growing recycling sector as a prime target market.

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