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IEI Technology has released advanced single board computers (SBC) featuring the dual-core Intel Atom processor D525 with support for 800MHz DDR3 memory.

The dual-core D525 also provides an increase of processor speed at 1.8GHz with no bump in power consumption.

The initial launch of Intel Atom processor D525 series SBCs includes the PCISA-PV-D5251, PICOe-PV-D5251, NANO-PV-D5251 and NANO-PV-D5252.

The key features of these systems include gigabit LAN supporting ASF 2.0 and TPM V1.2 hardware security functions and uEFI BIOS architecture to support more than 2.2TB of HDD storage with a 64-bit operating system.

The PCISA-PV-D5251 is a half-size PCISA CPU card with 1.80GHz/1MB L2 cache Intel Dual Core Atom D525.

It supports PCI and ISA bus expansion.

Dual-display is supported via VGA and 18-bit single-channel LVDS interfaces.

The PCISA-PV-D5251 delivers performance with 800MHz DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM supporting up to a system maximum of 2GB.

The PICOe-PV-D5251 is a half-size PCIe CPU card with 1.80GHz/1MB L2 cache Intel Atom Dual Core D525.

It provides four PCIe x1 or one PCIe x4 plus four PCI slots for system expansion.

It also features 1GB 800MHz DDR3 SDRAM memory on board and one SO-DIMM slot supporting a maximum 2GB of memory.

Dual-display is via VGA and 18-bit single-channel LVDS connections.

The NANO-PV-D5251 and NANO-PV-D5252 are 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor D525 EPIC SBCs.

Both provide PCI-104 and PCIe Mini Card slots for expansion and support 800MHz DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM.

The NANO-PV-D5251 possesses dual PCIe GbE ports and five serial ports.

The NANO-PV-D5252 includes a 24-bit dual LVDS connector for dual display.

All the IEI dual-core Intel Atom processor D525 SBCs support IEI’s One Key Recovery software.

This software creates a full system backup on demand and allows system recovery by restoring to a previously made backup with a single click.

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