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IEMCA has developed a bar feeder that is able to feed bars of 0.8 to 12.7mm, even on lathes with very high rotation and headstock acceleration speeds, without limiting performance in any way.

The use of closed, calibrated, round section channels and high-performance rotating assemblies, plus the development of low-inertia components, enable the Elite 112 to function easily with even the fastest spindles.

The Elite 112 has a minimum inertia (-40 per cent) mechanical synchronisation system to ensure precision following of headstocks, including those actuated by linear motors, no matter how small the bars.

Retooling time for the Elite 112 is 4min, due to the use of quick-fit channels.

The Elite 112 does not need any special adjustments to change work or to work with thin bars.

This is because the Elite 112 has a library of default configurations pre-programmed into its operator panel.

Reliability in selecting thin bars is ensured by a stepping action magazine.

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