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IFM Electronic has introduced the PG Manometer range of pressure gauges with moving needles, featuring modern sensor elements and electronics.

According to the company, the PG Manometer includes three units in one: a transducer, a pressure switch and a digital light-emitting-diode (LED) analogue display.

It has output capable of switching 250mA and can automatically detect PNP or NPN.

Additionally, the second output is a scalable analogue current signal.

Modern electronics allow the face of the gauge to show illuminated set and reset points or the pressure as an illuminated ring, as well as a moving needle.

The electronics in the setting allow a number of variations to be selected, including hysteresis or window function, damping, display unit and electronic locking of the settings.

IFM claims that the mounting position will not pose any problems as the display can be rotated through 350 degrees.

Versions so far available cover eight different ranges of relative pressure, starting at -1bar and extending up to +25bar.

The medium can be liquid or gaseous.

The device is said to be suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications; the materials used are appropriate for these industries, as are the hygienic process connections and seals on offer.

The only materials in contact with the medium are high-grade stainless steel, ceramic and PTFE, according to the company.

The PG Manometer is claimed to be able to offer higher accuracy than a mechanical manometer, featuring overload protection and high vibration and shock resistance.

ifm electronic specialises in the application of advanced electronic technology to produce innovative and effective solutions for industrial control applications.

Products include flow sensors; pressure transmitters and switches; temperature switches and transmitters; capacitive, inductive and photoelectric proximity sensors; and a full range of AS-i I/O modules and masters.

Details of ifm electronic's products and services may be obtained from our website, which has been carefully designed to provide the fastest, easiest way of finding exactly the right sensor for almost any application. Better still, once the correct sensor has been identified, the site also allows the data sheet to be downloaded almost instantly and, for most sensors, it even provides an interactive animated guide to achieving optimum adjustment.

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