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Mott has introduced a family of inertial gas sampling (IGS) filters and systems into its industrial filtration product line.

The IGS filters collect particle-free gas samples in extreme conditions, such as very high temperatures or heavily contaminated streams.

Mott all-metal IGS filters feature a cross-flow design, which keeps most particles in the gas stream, greatly reducing obstruction of the filter element.

These filters can withstand temperatures up to 1,450F in oxidising atmospheres and up to 1,700F in reducing or neutral atmospheres, depending on the material of construction.

The Mott IGS filter can be constructed in a variety of high-strength alloys such as 316LSS, nickel, Hastelloy, and Inconel.

The strength and durability of Mott’s porous metal media permits use in highly corrosive environments, as well as high-pressure applications with differential pressures in excess of 1000psid.

The IGS filter family consists of several configurations allowing them to be used in-stack, externally mounted, or can be custom designed.

Typical applications include gas sampling in utility coal pulverisers, lime kilns, cement kilns, lean amine stack applications, fluid catalytic crackers, and coal-fired utility boiler flue gas for combustion control and emission monitoring.

Mott’s porous metal media is used in many applications that require a sturdy media that can provide flow control, filtration, distribution of flow, and controlled porosity in even the harshest environments.

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