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Industrial Gas Springs (IGS) has revealed that Highwater Designs is utilising a bespoke IGS gas strut solution for the safe operation of its latest computer-to-plate (CtP) imaging system.

Highwater uses gas springs in the design of its digital integration and creative imaging products for the pre-press and related graphic arts industries.

Tony Lambert, product manager at Highwater, said: ‘Although relatively simple in operation, the gas struts are a safety-critical element in the high-tech systems we develop, which are usually required to meet stringent global compliance regulations.’ IGS assessed Highwater’s requirements and, based on the specification, provided and supplied samples for the company to prove out on the lid of its Cobra 8 manual load/unload engine.

The 150mm stroke size six gas spring features metal eye end-fittings and is pressurised to meet certain criteria.

The gas strut is required to provide a push-and-pull effect, so that the lid will remain secure in the open position with the spring at full extension.

The application demands minimal operator closing force, relying on the weight of the lid to ensure that it shuts firmly.

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