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Goldedge specialises in the manufacture and sale of cryogenic cutting tools ideal for drilling hardening grades of stainless steel and other difficult-to-drill materials.

The Goldedge cryogenic cutting tool process for drill and milling cutters will shortly be introduced into the UK by Engineers Cutting Tools.

Goldedge said the benefit of the patented cryogenic process is greater tool life than that of standard high-quality HSS-E coated drills.

The Goldedge treatment process alters the molecular structure of the steel, converting the retained austenite to martensite.

This makes the molecules more uniform and dense, removing the microscopic voids and imperfections that cause chipping and wear.

The results are higher wear resistance, greater torsion strength and faster heat dissipation than a standard drill, according to Goldedge.

As the process is not a coating, when the drill is reground the wear resistance will be similar to new.

Goldedge cryogenic drill bits are suited for use with machining centres and turning centres and also when drilling in unstable conditions with bench drills or handheld drills with traditional three-jaw chucks, for working in assembly shops, maintenance shops and construction.

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