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Digital-imaging solutions developer Omnivision has introduced the OV9740, a 1/6.5in system-on-a-chip (SOC) CMOS image sensor for demanding video applications in portable media players and notebooks.

The company said that the OV9740 enables customers to simplify product development and accelerate time-to-market because all image quality tuning and processing is done on-chip.

This makes the OV9740 a cost-effective, one-stop-shop solution for emerging consumer applications in the home entertainment market.

Combining Omnivision’s 1.75-micron OmniBSI backside illumination pixel architecture and high-end image signal processor (ISP), the OV9740 delivers 720p native high-definition (HD) video at 30 frames per second, meeting the premium video quality criteria for Microsoft Office Communicator and the high-quality video specifications for Skype.

Omnivision said that OV9740’s small size and premium feature set make it ideal for a range of applications including notebooks, netbooks, webcams, gaming consoles, portable media players, mobile phones, smart phones, televisions and set-top boxes.

The company’s proprietary OmniBSI technology enables the OV9740 to deliver low light sensitivity at 1,300mV/lux-sec in ultra-thin camera modules of less than 3.2mm.

A native HD sensor, the OV9740 does not suffer from degradation or image artifacts due to scaling or cropping, which is typically used to achieve HD resolution from larger array sensors.

Omnivision’s ISP features high-end image processing functions such as advanced automatic white balance and colour noise reduction in the YUV domain while maintaining high-frequency details and delivering clear, sharp image and video capture.

Additional advanced image-processing functions include automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, auto black level calibration, gamma correction, defect pixel correction, edge enhancement, and lens correction.

All of these functions are programmable through a standard serial camera control bus interface.

A dual-lane, high-speed MIPI interface supports RAW RGB and YUV422 output formats.

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