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Imatek, a UK-based manufacturer of materials testing equipment, has installed an IM10 impact tester for automotive applications at the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute (NMIRI) in Japan.

The NMIRI is a research institute whose work is primarily focused on the automotive sector.

The IM10T-20HV machine was supplied complete with Imatek’s C3008 data acquisition system, second impact protection system (SIPS) and high-velocity and variable-mass system.

The machine was also supplied with a removable temperature chamber for the pre-conditioning of specimens.

An electrical heating system and a liquid-nitrogen cooling system will enable specimens to be tested within the temperature range -70C to +180C.

Imatek’s IM10 range features laboratory-grade instrumentation, very rigid construction and high-quality software that provides detailed information, both graphical and tabular, for the specimen undergoing test.

The IM10 range of impact testers is suitable for performing a range of automotive tests, including standard QC tests on polymers, the testing of composites and other alternative materials, characterising the energy absorption efficiency of polymeric foams, alloy foams and crush tubes for safety applications, the dynamic fatigue and resilience testing of automotive rubbers, the crush testing of structures and the high rate testing of sheet steels.

To improve the understanding of a material or structure’s impact performance, Imatek’s integrated high-speed video system combines the data captured by the IM10 during the impact test together with high-speed video imagery.

This has proven particularly useful for automotive applications where complex failure modes can be encountered.

Imatek’s Impacqt software provides complete control over the impact system, the data capture, the camera and lights and the post test analysis and reporting.

Since the camera and the data acquisition share the same trigger, the data and images can be precisely correlated.

A video sequence provides qualitative information about the impact event, and the software also allows quantitative information to be extracted.

Integrated high-speed video is suitable for many application areas and is available as an option for any of the Imatek range of impact testers or in a standalone mode, making it a general-purpose tool that can be utilised by other parts of a customer’s operation and on a range of test apparatus, including UTMs, pendulums, drop weights and crash walls.

Automotive industry customers currently using Imatek’s products include Ford Motor Company, Renault, Peugeot Citroen Group, Faurecia, JSP International, Tokai Automotive and Estaca.

Imatek’s products are used to test the properties of materials, components and assemblies in industries such as aerospace, polymer processing, steel production, automotive and academic research.

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