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Imatek has successfully installed a DWT40-100 drop weight tear tester (DWTT) at Hyundai Steel in South Korea.

This follows the installation of a similar high-capacity machine at Posco Steel in Korea in 2004.

Both machines provide impact energies of up to 100,000 joules.

Although the DWTT test is typically used to measure the fracture characteristics of steel used in the construction of steel pipe for the gas-and-oil industry, Hyundai will also use the new machine for performing tests on steel used in ship-building applications.

Hyundai’s steel products are used globally in applications such as railway lines, bridge-support mechanisms and power-transmission towers.

Hyundai Steel operates three production facilities in South Korea and one in China, from which it produces about 10 million tons a year.

The use of higher-grade steels in the oil, gas and manufacturing industries is creating the need for a new generation of specialist impact testers.

Imatek offers a range of DWTT systems for measuring the fracture characteristics of steel specimens according to API-recommended practice 5L3, EN 10274 and ASTM-E 436.

Steel grades of X120 and specimens of up to 50mm can be accommodated.

A major feature of the Imatek range is the optional high-quality instrumentation and analysis software that provides detailed information, both graphical and tabular, for the specimen failure.

Whereas historically the DWTT test method has not required instrumentation, more recent research indicates that it is of significant benefit when testing the tougher x-steels.

Instrumentation enables crack initiation and most importantly crack propagation energies for the specimen to be determined, which is considered a better measure of ‘in-use’ performance for these steels than visual assessment of the fracture surface.

The Imatek DWT40-100 is housed in an integrated steel mill Hyundai is building in Dangjin-gun.

The blast furnace is scheduled to open in January 2010 and to start commercial production in April.

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