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Imatek has installed an IM10T-30HV impact tester at a research organisation in the Czech Republic, which will be used primarily for conducting impact tests on metallic materials.

Comtes FHT provides RandD in metallic materials for the mechanical engineering, automotive and energy industries.

The company provides a wide range of services in the areas of analysis, testing and optimising the deployment of new technologies.

Comtes is also a materials testing laboratory accredited under ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

The IM10T-30HV installation included many of the available options offered on the IM10 range, including Imatek’s high velocity system that enables impact speeds of up to 25m/s.

Other options included second impact prevention (SIP), which arrests the mass in the event of a rebound, direct displacement, for direct measurement of mass displacement during specimen impact and high rate tensile, cylinder crush (compression) and Charpy test options.

The machine was also supplied with an external temperature chamber, which enables cooling or heating of specimens within the range -150 to +200C.

Comtes will also be using Imatek’s integrated high-speed video system.

Integrated high-speed video combines test data with high-speed video imagery that can provide a high level of qualitative information about a test event, in addition to the quantitative information provided by the software.

Integrated high-speed video can be supplied as an option with any of the Imatek range of impact testers or as a standalone system, making it a general-purpose tool that can be utilised by other parts of a customers operation and on a wide range of test apparatus, including UTMs, pendulum and drop weight testers.

As standard the integrated high-speed video option provides a complete package including C3008 data acquisition, software, camera, choice of lenses, lighting controller, lights and tripods/stands.

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