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Impact is offering plastic pipe and pipeline solutions for high temperature and aggressive working environments.

Impact’s Ed Clutton said: ‘For reasons of cost and performance, Polyethylene (PE) pipes are now an unassailable and key ingredient for success in these market areas.

‘The way forward lies in re-engineering the right materials in order to produce better performance at lower cost.

‘The PE 100 classification with its improved resistance to cracking at higher density (stiffness) is the preferred material.’ He added: ‘At high ambient temperatures and in aggressive physical and chemical environments, long-term resistance to cracking becomes crucial and PE 100 is expected to have an advantage.’ Smart testing techniques developed for rapid appraisal of small-scale samples are also being used in Impact’s work.

The use of Smart testing has been extended to assess the influence of aggressive chemicals at elevated temperature on PEs and other polymers to determine design and lifetime data for plastic pipelines in demanding environments.

Plastics, including PE, are also being used in oil and gas applications as components in multilayer pipe systems for oil recovery where operating temperatures vary typically up to 50C.

Impact is providing designers with technical data relevant to installation of liners and predictions for expected service lifetime.

Impact has broadened its expertise of product performance into other polymer systems, for example, Peek, PP, Nylon and PVDF.

With the use of these high-performance polymers, the aim is to develop pipe systems suitable for operating at higher temperatures, up to 100C and beyond.

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