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mk rounds off its portfolio of modular belt conveyors by adding curved segments

mk Profile Systems’ existing portfolio of straight and incline (vertical) modular conveyors has been expanded to include curved segments. These segments are based on the same system and are available in various layouts and angles. The different versions allow you to adapt the track layout to your existing production conditions. Moreover, the various belt widths from 164 to 1005 mm offer excellent ratios of usable width to total width, which allows you to use the conveyors even in locations where space is limited. The system’s modular design allows you to combine the segments with straight and incline conveyors to achieve virtually any three-dimensional track layout.

Modular belt conveyors can support very heavy loads, even with low belt widths, because of their positive drive mechanism. In addition, the guides along the sides of the conveyor can absorb lateral forces, which allows workpieces to be moved diagonally. A further benefit is that liquids from the goods being transported can drip through the chain, making cleaning of the modular chain belt quick and easy.

Modular belt conveyors are extremely sturdy and can be used for virtually any transport application. They are more wear resistant than solid belts and can also be used for applications where goods with sharp edges must be transported or where ambient conditions are harsh.  

Benefits Include:

– Variable track layouts with just a single drive

– Maximum usable width with low total width

– Lateral movement of goods

– Various speeds at no additional cost

– Low maintenance and wear

– Extremely high intrinsic safety

– Wide range of accessories

Chains available in blue and white

This conveyor is suitable for all types of transport applications including distribution centres, automotive industry, plastic injection moulding, wood centres and the cosmetics industry to name just a few.  Its modular design lets you adapt the track layout to perfectly fit existing production conditions while the small radii conserve space. In addition, the system’s modular design allows it be used for both horizontal and vertical applications, i.e., you can implement curves and bridge height differences using incline and decline segments.

The KMF-P 2040 curved modular belt conveyor sits alongside the MBF-P 2040 (straight) and KFM-P 2040 (incline) conveyors in the mk conveyor range.

To find out more about mk’s conveyor range please visit, call (01949) 823751 or email

mk Profile Systems

With over 10 years experience, mk Profile Systems is a leading supplier of aluminium profile based modular components used in automation systems, machine building & systems integration.

With over 10 years experience, mk Profile Systems is a leading supplier of aluminium profile based modular components used in automation systems, machine building & systems integration.

Our four main business areas are Profile Technology, Conveyor Technology, Linear Motion and Factory Equipment.

Our comprehensive range of over 250 Aluminium Profiles includes 25, 40, 50 & 60mm series profiles, all made from high-quality alloys.  We have various connecting methods as well as accessories and standard parts.  This provides organised functionality for modern machine building.

mk’s 24 Conveying Systems are fully compatible with the aluminium profile system. They include conveyor modules such as flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain and roller for automation purposes.

Our conveyor technology offers you simplified planning and design due to our standardised modules.  We offer high flexibility in system and plant building and modification due to compatibility with all mk systems.

We can provide factory equipment in the form of guarding systems, gangways, stairs, platforms and work stations for the office, shop floor, assembly hall or any other area where required.

mk’s Linear Motion range includes slide rails, rollers and fully assembled modules for materials handling applications with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Our key customers come from areas such as automation, robotics, system integration, factory machinery, OEMs and end users however there really are no limits for the use of mk’s aluminium profile system.
Many of our customers choose to have their designs assembled at the mk factory so the finished article is delivered directly to them, however we are just as happy to deliver a kit of parts to enable customers to assemble the goods themselves.  We will work with you to find the best way to meet your requirements, budget and time constraints.

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