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Impress Sensors and Systems will exhibit submersible hydrostatic level transmitters and a multi-channel process controller at this year’s Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) event.

According to the company, which will be found on Stand 29, its SDI-12L transmitter offers an SDI-12 digital output with an inbuilt high-accuracy temperature sensor, which can be used in depths of up to 200m.

This unit uses either a stainless-steel silicon-based pressure sensor or a ceramic pressure sensor in marine bronze.

Both versions use piezoresistive technology, ensuring the long-term stability and repeatability of measurements.

The SDI-12L is suitable for monitoring river and reservoir levels; tanks and vessels in process plants; seawater and estuary levels; borehole water levels; Tsunami and tidal monitoring systems; wave height measurement; environmental monitoring; and V-notch weir flow measurement.

The stainless-steel version offers a higher resolution of pressure measurement to around 12-13bit and has a much lower signal-to-noise ratio, providing a smooth and accurate method of level measurement.

The ceramic pressure sensor version is better suited to marine use, where standard devices may suffer from corrosion.

These units are ideal for seawater, estuary and saline applications.

Thanks to its SDI-12 compatibility, the transmitter can be corrected according to the specific density of the media being measured and local gravity can be set within the device.

The SDI-12L is part of Impress’s range of submersible hydrostatic level transmitters, which also includes Atex-approved and SIL-rated level transmitters for hazardous areas; and submersibles for aggressive media in PVDF, PVC and Peek materials and for chemical dosing, sterilisation-in-place (SIP) and cleaning-in-place (CIP) processes.

Other submersible transmitters are available with flush diaphragms for viscous or pasty media.

Extremely high over-pressure units are also available, which protect transmitters in tank or pipe blockage situations.

The company will also hold a full working demonstration of its new, compact, multi-channel, touch-screen controller – the CMC-99.

This unit is ideal for the simultaneous measurement and control of a variety of water and wastewater applications, including intermediate pumping station measurement and control.

The CMC-99 controller provides a variety of input and output combinations to suit individual customer requirements.

The three card slots on the reverse of the controller each comprise 16 input/output (I/O) pin options, which enable the user to choose any combination of inputs and outputs to suit the application.

For example, up to 48 analogue current or voltage inputs could be used; up to 16 relay/SSR outputs; 24 thermocouple inputs; or 12 RTD inputs; or a combination of these.

The unit also incorporates a 24VDC digital input, enabling relays and triggers to be set up.

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