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Impulse has released the Relio R9 Embedded Computer from Sealevel Systems, which delivers RISC computing power in a compact, rugged package.

Including a range of I/O features and using the latest embedded software environment, the system is based on the Atmel AT91SAM9263 processor with a 32-bit ARM instruction set.

The Relio R9 is suitable for embedded applications requiring small-size, wide operating temperature range and flexible I/O connectivity.

Available with up to 256MB RAM and 256MB Flash memory, the I/O features of the Relio R9 extend the possible uses beyond traditional ARM-based applications.

Standard I/O includes Ethernet, serial, USB, CAN Bus, digital and analogue interface.

For local or remote I/O expansion, the Relio R9 connects to Sealevel SeaI/O modules via the dedicated RS-485 expansion port and communicates via RS-485 Modbus RTU.

Windows CE 6.0 BSP binary and low-level drivers for system I/O are included.

The Sealevel Talos I/O Framework offers a high-level, object-oriented .NET Compact Framework (CF) device interface.

This interface provides an I/O point abstraction layer with built-in support for the specific needs of analogue and digital I/O, such as gain control and debouncing.

The Relio R9 is housed in a rugged, small enclosure suitable for mounting almost anywhere and is rated for a -40 to 85C operating temperature range.

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