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The economic downturn is forecast to create a 23 per cent contraction of unit shipments in the world market for small motors in 2009, according to an IMS Research report.

However, because of the growing importance of the medical sector, which accounts for 19 per cent of the market, IMS Research expects a recovery to pre-recession levels of activity by early 2012.

The previous downturn took place towards the end of 2001, when the market was believed to have dropped by around six per cent in Europe.

This resulted in a number of company acquisitions in the following years, so that acquiring companies could gain access to regional markets and complimentary motor technologies, as well as boost market shares.

The current downturn may provide additional opportunities for further consolidation of this market.

Companies that have suffered badly in 2009 and require investment may be most vulnerable to take over.

Regional suppliers, particularly those with more innovative technologies, such as brushless DC motors, may be especially attractive targets to multinationals with money to invest.

Due diligence activities may already be underway, with financial press reporting the possible sale of Dunkermotoren by Alcatel-Lucent of France.

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