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Italian Machine Tools (IMT) – formed from the union of Morara De Ci Ma and Tacchella Macchine – offers a range of integrated grinding solutions for industries such as automotive, aerospace and naval.

The company offers universal grinders, internal and external grinders, cylindrical and non-cylindrical, flexible and high-production systems for manufacturing sectors including energy, railway and general precision engineering.

IMT is committed to providing ‘the complete package’ of services: the optimal grinding solution, after-sales support, service, maintenance and spare parts.

The application sectors reached by Morara De Ci Ma and Tacchella Macchine grinding machines are numerous and varied.

For the automotive market, the Pulsar solutions from IMT-Tacchella Macchine are said to be ideal.

Pulsar completes Tacchella’s current line of cross-flex external grinding machines, offering modern high-tech solutions for medium- to high-volume production grinding with either conventional or high-speed CBN wheels.

These machines are designed with modularity in mind, from the systems standpoint as well as in terms of the range of grinding applications they can handle.

The Pulsar line can perform innovative OD grinding jobs thanks to its operating capacity, multiple configurations, automated systems, dedicated software and a range of accessories.

It features a rigid machine structure, crossfeed X-axis and Z-axis slideway arrangement with hydrostatic bearings and a modular wheelhead structure sized on the basis of wheel diameter and face dimensions.

In addition, three different wheelhead angular swivel systems offering a choice of manual, automatic or Tacchella’s CNC-controlled 0.001-deg B-axis ensure the flexibility needed for applications that demand fast retooling capabilities.

Pulsar is designed for easy adaptation to the customer’s needs with a range of available options and accessories.

The wheelhead can be configured as a universal unit with live/dead centres, with a rotary spindle for cylindrical between-centres grinding or chucking operations, or with a C-axis motorised spindle workhead for grinding non-round shapes such as threads, cams, regular polygons and custom toolpaths.

The stationary table can be replaced with W-axis workpiece length compensation modules providing compensation strokes of 300, 600 and 900mm.

Robust, long-stroke hydraulic tailstocks ensure quality work and feature an integral micro-corrector for workpiece taper adjustment that acts directly on the sleeve and can be equipped with W-axis units with a 175mm axial compensation stroke.

Many different wheel dressing systems are available, featuring single-tip diamond tools or dresser wheels/rollers installed on the tailstock, on the work head or as independent units that can be positioned on the stationary table.

Sensor systems make use of integrated designs developed together with leading manufacturers, as is the choice of in-process gauging instruments that includes axial positioners and absolute or standard diameter gauges.

All machines can be accessed from several sides, thanks to the carefully designed layout of hatches and removable panels that make regular maintenance procedures quick and easy.

Pulsar is designed for factory automation, and can be interfaced with gantries, integrated workpiece loaders and robots.

In particular, the Pulsar Linear Drive model is a full range of high-precision grinders with dedicated models for high-speed CBN wheels (S line).

The Pulsar Linear Drive S line features a machine structure designed especially for CBN technology with 500mm diameter wheels with peripheral speeds up to 120m/s, and is said to be ideal both for ‘flexible’ operation such as contouring and for more ‘rigid’ high-output processes such as plunge-cut grinding.

Hydrostatic crossfeed X and Z axes way systems and high-quality drive motors – X-axis with linear motor drive – ensure dependable operation and long-lasting accuracy, according to IMT In addition, the Pulsar Linear Drive line offers a choice of three between-centres capacities – 1,000mm, 1,500mm and 2,000mm – to ensure good processing flexibility for most types of grinding application.

The wheel spindle features integral high-power and high-torque motors on extra-precise ceramic bearings.

All machines are equipped with automatic dynamic wheel balancers incorporated in the spindle nose so that the balancing weights act as close as possible to the wheel face.

Just as important as mechanical design, the software that controls and monitors every Tacchella grinding machine is key to the performance that today’s manufacturing systems demand.

Tacchella’s operator package includes special-purpose programs for creating and managing grinding cycles as well as a variety of modules that enhance the entire system’s capabilities.

All set-up operations, manual sequences, automatic cycle selection and activation are controlled through specially designed screen forms.

For type changes in particular, on-screen prompts guide the operator, ensuring fast wheel and dresser changes and easy, intuitive machine operation.

Cycles for diameter, shoulder, groove radius, chamfer and taper grinding, as well as those for contouring and grinding threads, regular polygons, custom toolpaths, non-round shapes and cams can be freely integrated together with wheel and dresser specifications to create part programs for any specific need.

Generating and transmitting part programs for the CNC is fully automatic and is built into the control features provided by the Tacchella programming environment.

On the Pulsar Linear Drive range the wide operational capacity, the various possible configurations, automations, dedicated software and the choice of available accessories are said to provide a solution to the most varied external grinding operations.

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