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Oliver Twinsafe Valves has manufactured its largest valves to date, using Inconel 625 overlay material, offering enhanced protection against corrosion for a platform in the Arabian Gulf.

The majority of valves are manufactured in carbon steel 4130 material, but this is not a high corrosion resistance material, meaning that platform operators need to carry out regular maintenance and replacement work to retain the performance of the product.

In addition, unexpected repairs and downtime due to a product failing because of corrosion can cost thousands of pounds.

As an alternative, Inconel 625 is a more costly material to use at the outset, but offers a high level of corrosion resistance, so reduces maintenance and repair requirements This material offers such strong properties that the product lifetime is extended to the lifetime of the system, offering significant life-cycle cost savings.

It operates in extremely high temperatures, retaining its performance levels even when temperatures exceed 1,000C, meaning it is less prone to cracking as fluid temperatures fluctuate inside the valve.

The material also boasts a high tensile strength, meaning that less thickness is required, which reduces weight and cost.

The Arabian Gulf project demanded a highly corrosion resistant, but cost-effective valve, so Oliver Valves recommended combining the two materials to achieve this.

Oliver used carbon steel 4130 as the valve body material, and then weld overlayed a 5.5mm layer of Inconel 625 coating to offer the corrosion resistance properties.

The project has seen 36 pieces of 11in API 5,000lb valves Inconel weld overlayed and supplied for a manifold on the oil rig.

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