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The MR2 magneto resistive encoder from Portescap facilitates ease-of-integration with flexible resolution programming to deliver closed-loop feedback, performance positioning and speed control.

The company said the MR2 incremental encoder is designed for seamless integration with Portescap motor drive systems, and delivers accurate positioning at a controlled speed.

The encoders have factory-programmable resolution from 4-512 lines in discrete steps, in a compact package.

The company said the MR2 encoder enables easy and cost-effective system upgrades by eliminating the rigorous test-cycle qualifications for qualifying OEM machine parts, as the encoder package remains the same regardless of the desired resolution.

It added that as a result, machine builders will realise improved value and lower cost of ownership due to the MR2’s ability to support multiple generation product upgrades, with a simple factory programming adjustment, to deliver higher resolution performance.

The MR2 is highly immune to dust- and vibration-related jitter compared with other technologies, according to Portescap, which said the encoder can reduce jitter by up to 60-70 per cent compared with other incremental encoders.

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